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English edition
China's Alternative Roles in Countering International Economic Cyber Espionage

China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies, Vol.2, No.4, 2016


This article examines China's respective roles as a suspect, victim, and stakeholder in countering international economic cyber espionage (ECE) activities. Refuting the widespread evidence and cases that have misguided those with interests or concerns in cyber security issues, the author underscores the cognitive defects and logical fallacies in the prevailing suspicion and accusations against China. Not only is China among the victims of ECE activities, it will face even more ECE threats in the future. With growing cyber capacity, however, China has been determined to develop into a strong cyber power while playing a more active role as a key stakeholder in containing ECE activities. To maintain a secure and favorable cyberspace, the international community must join hands in working out a common code of conduct in cyberspace, acknowledging China's strenuous efforts and indispensable role in international cyberspace governance. The United States, in particular, needs to adopt a legal approach in seeking to settle ECE disputes with China while making more commitments to their bilateral cooperation against economic cybercrime.


Economic cyber espionage (ECE); China's cyber strategy; global public space; China-U.S. relations.


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